Entrepreneur & seo-specialist
Entrepreneur & seo-specialist
  •  First class SEO
  •  Highest ROI long term
  •  Authority building
Facebook Marketing
  •  Pinpoint customers
  •  Fast results
  •  Huge marketplace
Funnel building
  •  Lead & customer generating
  •  Effective conversions
  •  Climbing your value ladder
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SEO client in a highly competitive sports nische
Over 330% increase in visitors from Google compared to last year. Traffic value is currently around $9200/m.
Facebook marketing for client in coaching/personal developement
Over 450 leads and 11 purchases in just three weeks with 3.64 ROAS.
SEO client local business
Top 3 on several keywords and multiple locations.
Opt-ins for a speaker's speaking tour
Over 770 people registered for his premiere speaking tour. Sold for $2300 on the upsells before they even met him. Sold even more on the stage later.
New nationwide SEO client 3 months in
4 important keywords in top 10 and the links have barley started kicking in.
What do customers say?
"Stefan is my to-go marketing guy. He helped me with everything from funnels to seo. A really cool guy!"
Mikael Reijer
Keynote Speaker / Storyteller
"Stefan is an incredibly competent search engine specialist. Reliable and nice. Highly recommended!"
Lasse Nygren
Professional Coach
"Stefan is an expert in SEO as well as web design. He is accurate, honest and easy to work with. If you want your company to be visible online so that you can expand your clientele I would recommend that you work with Stefan."
Suzana Rocklord
Marketing Specialist
"If you are looking to expanding your online presence then you should contact Stefan. Stefan knows what it takes to conquer page one of Google and will take good care of your business. Highly recommend him."
Steve W Davies
Operations Manager
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